Image of someone holding a giant face cushion
Various colours for the rear of the cushion
Size guide comparing the giant face cushion and the shrunken head cushion

    Giant Face Cushion


      Introducing the Giant Face Cushion: Your Ultimate Travel Companion! 🌍✈️


      Elevate your adventures, holidays, and memory-making with the Giant Face Cushion, the perfect cut-to-shape soft companion for your globetrotting escapades.


      🌟 Key Features:

      🧸 **Uniquely shaped for an unforgettable experience**, measuring approx 60cm/ 24" the Giant Head Cushion brings a touch of whimsy and comfort to your travel essentials.

      🌄 **Designed to capture your imagination**, this cushion embodies the spirit of exploration, offering solace and companionship when your partner can't be there.

      🎒 **Lightweight and portable**, it fits seamlessly into your backpack, ready to turn any journey into a cozy and unforgettable adventure.

      🏞️ **Whether you're relaxing by the beach**, exploring charming streets, or stargazing in the great outdoors, the Giant Head Cushion adds a playful twist to your travel memories.


      Why Choose the Giant Head Cushion?

      At Voodoo Bear, we believe in the magic of shared experiences. The Giant Head Cushion isn't just a cushion – it's a reminder of the incredible moments that shape our lives. Let it be your constant travel companion, infusing each adventure with joy and laughter.


      🌈 Order your Giant Head Cushion today and redefine the way you explore the world. Let this cushion inspire you to embrace every journey with an open heart and a touch of whimsical fun. 🌟🌎

      Color: Yellow, Red, Blue, Hessian, White, Black
      Size: 60cm (24" approx.)
      Material: 100% Polyester